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Alex King (she/her)

Full stack developer with 15+ years of experience. React & Typescript focus, with a history in Laravel & PHP.
🌧ī¸ Seattle, WA – looking for fully or primarily remote

About Me

Hi! 👋 I'm a full stack developer who's passionate about building usable, accessible, and fast apps with web technologies. I'm looking for a job where I can make an impact on the project, learn new things, and be part of a great team.

Job History

Vault Innovation

Senior Web Engineer (2019-present)
  • Frontend

    Building large scale React apps using functional components and Typescript, using Next.js as a base. Working to make fully designed, accessible, translatable, and mobile friendly frontend experiences for clients using modern CSS, Tailwind, custom components and headless UX libraries. Creating custom hooks and components for reuse throughout apps, and using tools such as MobX/MST, React Query and React Hook Form for state and data management.

  • Backend

    Using Laravel (PHP), Nestjs (Node), and FastAPI (Python) frameworks to build backends and REST APIs. Using ORMs to build fast and efficient database (MariaDB/MySQL) queries. Building a Markdown based log system to help developers, testers, and product managers understand and debug the complex business logic on a project.

  • Mobile

    Building React Native apps, deploying (via Fastlane and Firebase), and maintaining them on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Building a realtime chat system using websockets combined with native notifications.


Software Engineer (2013-2015)Senior Software Engineer (2015-2019)
Building multiple platforms over the course of six years, including digital learning for students and educational platforms for teachers and districts. Working to architect, design, and implement products from the ground up.
  • Backend

    Developing and maintaining large scale PHP (Laravel) applications. Using NodeJS, RabbitMQ, and to provide live content updates and sync data. Planning and deploying server orchestration (SaltStack), scale testing (Load Impact), monitoring (DataDog), continuous integration (Codeship) systems across multiple environments. Supporting a large network of application edge nodes distributed in the field.

  • Frontend

    Collaborating on design and UX, producing frontend markup and functionality (LESS, ES6). Setting up build systems and dependency control for improved developer workflows.


Developer (2012-2013)
Building promotional websites for various well known companies. Integrating online sweepstakes with physical codes distributed on products.


Developer (2010-2012)
Prototyping and building a video streaming platform with social networking features. Developing public facing and internal management systems for a commercial kitchen and distribution company. Building a SaaS app for software consultancies to easily invoice and bill clients. Building the ORM layer for an in-house framework.

Rambeck Group

Developer (2007-2010)
Designing and developing various PHP applications. Building internal systems for a health inspection agency with rule management, report generation, and automation. Upgrading DOS-era systems to a modern web application for an agricultural testing laboratory. Building a mapping based social network with reviews and messaging.


  • 💾 Open Source (you can see my contributions, and the source for the site you're reading right now, on my github)
  • 🛠ī¸ Making Things (very slowly working on a Voron 3D printer)
  • 🎛ī¸ Eurorack (bleeps, bloops, and other tangentially musical sounds)
  • 🕹ī¸ Games (too much Factorio and Minecraft)